Pierce Paris and Derek Bolt flip fuck - Falcon Studios


The Doctor is In. And out. And in. And Out.

Choice Talent model, Derek Bolt, is visiting Doctor Pierce Paris for treatment on a pulled groin muscle, in this Falcon Studios scene. Pierce needs to check Derek's vitals and has him remove his shirt. That's all it takes for the hung doctor to start to swell in his scrubs and it's only a matter of seconds before the patient notices the growing bulge. It appears that Dr. Paris has just the prescription in mind for our poor patient.

True to his name, cock-hungry Derek BOLTS for Pierce's peen, pulling him closer.  As Derek opens his mouth wide, he sucks the needy doctor until neither of them can possibly get any harder. The dick is quite the tongue depressor.

Pierce needs a taste of his horny patient and bends down over Derek so the two hunks can 69. Pierce's fat, throbbing cock is calling out for an eager asshole and after gauging Derek's temperature with his tongue, the doc slams his big pole deep inside Derek's hole. Pierce's massive sack flops against Derek's hairy taint with every frenzied thrust as the lucky patient calls out for more. Before the doctor can blow his load, he wants a feel of Derek inside him, so he rolls over on the exam table and lets his patient impale him with his giant dick. He slams Pierce, hitting all the right spots until both muscled-up studs make a mess on Pierce's washboard abs and sweaty crotch. That is a prescription I'd take twice daily, and once before bed. ;)

Pierce is an absolute hottie. Great body, cute face, amazing dick, and just the best personality. It’s always such a pleasure to film with the Hothouse crew and director Nick Fox. The lighting and camera angles are always spot on, and they’re just so much fun.
— Derek Bolt
It’s my first medical porn I’ve filmed, which is actually a bit surprising considering how prevalent that trope is. I guess people hate going to the doctor, so they like to fantasize it being something sexy and fun, rather than awkward and mildly humiliating. I know I wish my doctor visits were like this (though I’d also kill for a doctor that actually knew how to treat sport related injuries)
— Derek Bolt
It was definitely a challenge to get Pierce’s whole dick in my mouth at once, but I gave it my best shot. And when it came time to bottom, it fit pretty easy and felt so good. As is usual for shooting with Hothouse, we had plenty of laughs on set. The best from this scene was comparing Pierce’s nuts to eggs, and him proving that they’re bigger.
— Derek Bolt