Michael Del Ray fucks Jacob Peterson - Next Door Buddies


On January 4 Next Door Studios released Jacob Peterson's first bareback scene since he shot for Sean Cody called Literary Drilling. This scene is a bookworm’s fantasy.  (Is there such a thing as a cockworm? Cuz…that’s me. I’m an A+ student of dick. ;) I digress).   As Michael Del Ray and Choice Talent hottie Jacob Peterson try to maintain their studies, Michael grows impatient and restless, and attempts to engage Jacob with a little distraction from his book. I mean…If I a guy was slapping his Moby Dick right in front of me, I’d stop what I was doing and pay attention to the new lesson. But Jacob seems intent on finishing his reading. Michael persists, and in no time, the two of them have cast their books aside for some more hands on training. Michael and Jacob take turns giving each other head, and then Jacob bends over the sofa for Michael to eat his ass. Michael obliges, before standing and sliding his raw cock deep into his study partner. It sounds like something out of erotic fiction. But I assure you, this isn’t a book on tape. These two hunks are really going at it.

Our fuzzy bottom Jacob takes the cock like a champ as Michael fucks him all over the room, pounding him from behind and below, then hovering over Jacob as he spreads his legs wide and fucks the cum out of him. Jacob spits his load all over himself as Michael pulls out and jacks off all over him, dousing him with a nice batch of spooge to power both guys through the rest of their study session.

Now that's a class I'd take.

Michael was extremely easy and fun to work with. I’m not sure you can even call it work because of how fast and easy the day went.
— Jacob Peterson
My favorite part of the scene was the broll that Michael and I did. we had a blast giggling over everything. It was hard to keep my eyes on the book when he was waving his dick around..yum!
— Jacob Peterson
This was my first time shooting for Next Door Studios. Tucker and the rest of the crew were amazing and really made me feel at home. I’m looking forward to working with the team again!
Scott RogersComment