Pierce Paris fucks Casey Jacks - Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios produces some of the best movies of gorgeous men, tanning and having sex by a pool. Their latest movie, Hidden Palms, does not disappoint. On December 15th, Falcon released it's second scene from Hidden Palms featuring CT model Casey Jacks and Pierce Paris.  The scene starts with Pierce chilling out in the pool when he catches Casey napping on the couch. He decides to surprise him awake with a kiss.


Thrilled over his advances, Casey reaches inside Pierce's swimsuit massaging his cock. After some intense foreplay, Pierce opens Casey's ass with his massive dick and gets Casey begging for him to go deeper. After riding the massive dick, Casey lies back to let Pierce finish up. Pierce slams Casey's ass until he blows a massive load. When Pierce sees Casey's load, he pulls out and cums all over Casey's ripped body. This scene is one that will not disappoint!

It was very easy to work with Pierce. I find  him incredibly sweet and he has such a big heart to match his big you know what! ;) It felt like that the Energy between us was effortless. It was easy to get hard and stay hard with him. I can say I have a little crush on him after our scene together.
— Casey Jacks
A funny moment was when Pierce tried to take his condom off. His dick is so big he had to try really hard to get it off. Needless to stay, there was a lot of pulling.
— Casey Jacks
Kissing him off scene to get me in the mood was my favorite part of the day because it worked real fast for me. Oh, having his big piece inside me was also a big highlight of the day.
— Casey Jacks
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