JJ Knight fucks Jake Ashford - Falcon Studios


Falcon Studios is known for producing amazing scenes of big bulges by the pool. If there is one thing that gets me going (as you Choice blog readers surely know by now) it is huge bulges. They are such fun to stare at, and even more fun to play with. Lucky for hunk Jake Ashford, Choice Talent model JJ Knight has a massive bulge in his speedo ready to be toyed with.

Knight is floating in the pool when he sees Ashford walk by. Jake heads for the outdoor shower and knowing that JJ is watching, he flaunts his muscled up physique and flashes his amazing bubble butt. After leaving JJ in suspense, Jake heads over to the stud to offer up his services. Jake can't wait to get JJ's big hard dick in his mouth, and JJ feels the same about Jake's tight hole. JJ samples the goods with his finger (top quality product!) as he gets head from the eager tatted boy. Paired with anyone else, hunky Ashford would be downright manly. But paired with the Homers-incarnate that is JJ, Jake looks like a boy eager to please his Daddy.

JJ is hard and ready to go and needs a taste of Jake's ass before he slides in. JJ savors every bit of Jake's butt, getting his tongue as deep as he possibly can into the moaning and begging stud. Jake demands that JJ fucks him and JJ obliges with a slow and steady rhythm to start. Slowly building to a frenzy, JJ gets deeper inside Jake with every thrust from his engorged cock. The two studs switch it up and Jake takes a ride as he bounces on the massive dick that plunges his eager hole. With JJ deep inside of him, Jake lets go of whatever inhibitions he may have left and covers JJ with his load. With the feel of Jake's warm sperm hitting his heaving stomach, JJ pulls out to add to the mix and triples the amount of jizz on his body with a massive load that runs past Jake's tongue and covers his body for an extremely happy ending in the sun. Big dicks, big loads. What is better?

We had been talking for months and this was a scene that I had been wanting for a loooong time. That boy’s body is insane. He’s so cute, and of course everyone knows how much i like some “big ass”. So i was super excited for that fact.
— JJ Knight
My favorite part of this scene was eating that ass! Like my god that boy’s ass makes me drool just thinking about it. I think I had more fun eating it than i did fucking it. That’s a lie it was equal lol
— JJ Knight
Our chemistry was on fire during this scene. Jake and I had a lot of fun sex off and on camera ;)
— JJ Knight