John Magnum fucks Casey Jacks -

Raise your hand if you have ever fantasized about fucking a guy you know is straight. Good. Hands down. Now, raise your hand if you have fantasized about fucking that guy in the same house as his girlfriend. Well, this scene is just for you!

When their girlfriends decide to call it a night instead of putting out for these horny studs, they decide to go at it themselves. Initiated by John Magnum, Choice model Casey Jacks is shocked to be awoken by his nude, semi hard friend. Soon though, Casey gets into deep pleasure, even allowing his supposedly 'straight' friend to fuck him up the ass harder and more aggressively than Magnum has ever fucked a girl.

This blog is short, but the scene and its heat speak for itself. Just promise you won't go try this at home. ;)

I wouldn’t say I’ve dreamt about a scenario like this, but if it happens in real life I wouldn’t be mad at if it was Liam Hemsworth fucking me.
— Casey Jacks
It was super awkward and I was a little nerves at first, but when we started fucking it became hot and I was weirdly turned about having two girls in the room “pretending” to be asleep.
— Casey Jacks
John Magnum was super cool to work. He was a super nice guy was easy to along with during the scene.
— Casey Jacks