Alex Mecum fucks Jake Porter -


You ever have that neighbor that you just KNOW is packing below the belt? Or that kid in class who always bulges and has to readjust himself when he sits down? You just want to follow them into the bathroom and BEG them to drop their pants so you can just see what they're working with? always does a fantastic job at showcasing these casual encounters, and they didn't disappoint with "Let Me See It".

Jake here feels the same way about his neighbor, our very own hot, hairy, hung & ripped Alex Mecum. Poor Jake is so desperate to see what Mecum is packing, he offers him money just to open his towel. The mere sight of Mecum's 9 inch pole of perfection sends Jake to the ATM, handing our boy more cash. Soon enough, Jake is getting his money's worth.

He starts by going down on Alex with a blowjob that soaks every inch of Mecum's meat. Then, Jake bends over and takes every inch up his ass. Finally, they both shoot their loads. Alex finishes $600 richer, while Jake gets to explode with the ecstasy of knowing the mystery of his neighbor's dick is solved.

This scene is for all those who (like me) always ask "How hung?" As the first question on Grindr. Because knowing is half the battle.

We had a good time with the script. I like these over-the-top scripts honestly. I think they’re so much fun and help everyone to be comfortable with each other.
— Alex Mecum
I didn’t have a problem having a girl on set with us. I just wanted to make sure she was comfortable. She just barely moved to the area from a state I had a internship at a couple of years ago so we had something to talk about. She was awesome.
— Alex Mecum
I had a really good time with Jake. He’s just a really chill kind of person. I got along with him quite well, i would say. We had a lot of fun with the scene that day.
— Alex Mecum
Scott RogersComment