Dante Cole fucks Addison Graham - Falcon Studios


Falcon Studios always delivers incredible scenes. Especially when working with gorgeous models, in the sun by a pool. And this scene certainly doesn't disappoint. Dante Cole is catching some rays on a hot Vegas day in the pool when our boy Addison Graham dives in to cool off. Things get hotter when our ripped stud Addison swims over to Dante and gets the lightly hairy hunk horny and hard by taking his thick rod into his mouth. Addison works it up and down until Dante grows into his open throat. That's Dante's cue to bend Addison over to work his ass with his probing tongue and fingers.

Dante loves the taste of Addison's smooth hole so much that he can hardly wait to get all the way inside his wet hole. Dante is done with the foreplay and teases Addison's hole with the tip of his dick, making Addison open up even more. Dante needs the prize in front of him and slides into Addison, plowing away to feel every inch of his deep, tight hole. Dante flips our boy on his back (GOD I wish I was Addison right now) so he can look into his eyes and hits just the right spot for Addison to let go for a full release.

It's an extra thick load that stays where it lands all over Addison's perfectly carved abs. It is a load that lets you know Addison loves servicing his tops. The sight of Addison covered in his own load is all it takes for Dante to pull out and add to the mix. Dante covers Addison's dripping body with cum and then as an added bonus for the lucky young stud, Dante gives him a second surprise load in his gaping, begging mouth. Two top loads for the price of one incredible fuck? Yes. Please.

The Falcon crew are superb. They can be funny which helps ease tension (I’m always anxious) and are always ready to help with any issues. Body hair, towels, you name it.

Tony DiMarco is my kind of director. Easy going and supportive. And we seem to agree of what we like to watch in gay porn, and that’s always a sexy bonus. Performing for me is always easier when I know the shot is something I’d enjoy watching too.
— Addison Graham
I had to dive into the pool in one take. It’s been close to 10 years since I’ve had to get into a pool without using the steps or just going feet first. It wasn’t even a real dive, just a simple head first plunge from the edge. A happy Falcon crewman demonstrated how to do it right for a me a couple times.
— Addison Graham
Dante reminded me of a much sexier Jake Gyllenhaal. He looked amazing while I watched him do his photo shoot. He was cool, confident and easy to work with.
— Addison Graham
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