Jack Hunter fucks Damien Nichols - YoungPerps


While shoplifting is often considered to be a small crime in the grand scheme of things, it is a crime nonetheless that CT model Jack Hunter takes very seriously. In the latest YoungPerps scene, Case No. 1710004-28, Hunter doesn't go easy on alleged shoplifter Damien Nichols during his pat down. Let's be clear, being patted down by an insanely hot security guard is many of our fantasies, especially if that guard is the one and only, Jack Hunter.

The scene opens with security guard, aka Jack Hunter, detaining Damien after he sets off an alarm with stolen merchandise at the store he was shoplifting from. Jack takes Damien into the back stock room for a thorough (and HOT) pat down. Coming across a big bulge in the crotch of his pants, Jack demands Damien strip down to reveal the stolen goods. He proposes a solution for Damien, get punished by him or be thrown in jail for a stolen good worth a mere $26.99. Damien, finding the situation already hot and heavy takes Jack up on his offer and gets p-l-o-w-e-d. This fantastic scene was released on October 20th and can be seen exclusively on youngperps.com

My favorite part of doing the scene was the acting and the improvisation. That’s really the whole reason I got into porn. I eventually want to become a more mainstream actor.
— Jack Hunter
Damien was a very easy going scene partner and was very professional. He did a great job for a first timer.
— Jack Hunter
I’d never really had a security fantasy before shooting the scene, but after I definitely added it to my bucket list!
— Jack Hunter
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