Deepdicc, Ray Diesel, and Tezjork fuck Beau Reed - BlacksOnBoys


For fans of cuckold scenes, BlacksOnBoys posted a fantastic scene with CT model Beau Reed on October 31st. This scene was my introduction to cuckolding and I was very impressed with the production value and the attention to story. The scene starts with Beau confessing to his wife that he's fallen off the wagon (again), and is back to betting on sports and now owes "The Man" forty thousand dollars. What's worse, the guys who work for "The Man" are on their way over to collect!

When the collectors show up at their house, Mrs. Reed cuts a deal: instead of fucking up her husband, how about just fuck him? The Collectors agree, and fuck Beau hard, leaving him soaked in cum lying on their kitchen floor. Once they have finished with Beau, Deepdicc, Ray Diesel, and Tezjork take Mrs. Reed to the bedroom, where they have their way with her too. The cum shots in this scene are quite impressive. Make sure you stay to the end to see Beau get drenched.

My favorite part of the scene was the b role portion. Of course everyone probably cuts to the fucking, but I was very proud of the performances. But, if I had to chose a favorite part of the sex scene it would be the cumshots. I’ve always found the cumshots in blacksonboys videos to be of the highest quality.
— Beau Reed
Cuckold scenes are great to produce. It’s nice to have a female influence on set and the storylines are usually very entertaining. I know there is a debate about whether women should be included in gay porn. I think it allows us to reproduce scenarios that many of our fans/subscribers would relate to.
— Beau Reed
All three are very easy to work with but I wouldn’t expect anything less given how many scenes they have done for blacksonboys. I always enjoy working with Ray and Deep. Tezjork was a welcomed addition to the scene.
— Beau Reed
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