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Here at Choice Talent Management we strive to promote safe sex practices. One way of doing that is to encourage performers to educate themselves about HIV and how to prevent it, whether that entails the use of condoms and/or the daily use of Prep (Truvada).

Our friends over at PrepBoys help uninsured and low-income LGBTQ community members by taking an active leadership role. Their mission is to educate the LGBTQ community on ways to reduce HIV transmission while combating the stigma surrounding the disease. PrepBoys provides a non-judgemental space for discussion and disclosure of desires and fears. They strengthen fraternal bonds by organizing social and educational events through a centralized hub, connecting the community to numerous resources and quality healthcare professionals. Prep boys values knowledge, integrity and empathy.

If you are sexual active and not on Prep (Truvada), we encourage you to speak to our friends over at PrepBoys to see if getting on this preventative treatment is the right decision for you. Click on the link below to speak to one of our friends over at PrepBoys. They are very knowledgeable and can help you take the next step that work for you.